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PhoWheels! Coming to Washington DC Spring 2012!

PhoWheels is a food truck that will offer a modern interpretation of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, where comforting favorite dishes blend seamlessly with bold new flavors. Vietnamese cuisine like you've never experienced before! Come check us out at www.facebook.com/PhoWheels ...Thanks!

Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

This sounds amazing! I've tried a bunch of Thai places and used to love one in Adams Morgan near the zoo, but that's closed now unfortunately.


i'm gonna have to try this place. i've been looking for good thai in the city!


This blog is so refreshing. I love the colors.

Panache Nosh

Sounds yummy, can't wait to try their Nam Tok.


I love Thai-Xing as well. The Penang is delicious.


I too love Thai Xing -- and also a new fan of your blog.


Another thing about Thai Xing is its physical plant. It's so easy to miss driving down Florida. It's in the basement of a row house. And the decor could possibly be described as "flea market". I get a kick out of sitting in a recliner reading about mideval armor while waiting a long time for my food and catching up with Taw. There's no place like it. Anywhere.


Wow, this sounds great! I haven't been but I can't wait to try your Thai recommendation. I've also been bouncing around trying to find "the best" (or at least a really good) Thai place in DC.



We just moved to D.C. a couple of months ago, and last night I had one of those "hell if I'm going to cook" nights. This is my new (only) takeout standby. I had the first pad thai in a looong time last night that didn't taste like it had gone swimming in peanut butter. Great, layered flavor. Bf's penang curry was also great. Only complaint is that the vegetables end up way overcooked wallowing in the steam. Otherwise totally worth the 45-minute wait.

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