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Late Night Eatin' (no, not the fridge)
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Gotta add Yechon in Annandale. Open 24 hours and packed nearly every one of them. Recommend going apres-booze on Friday-Saturday nights for an unmatched atmosphere.

cris sams

THIS LIST IS REALLY LACKING !!!!!!!!! No Metro Diner, no mention of Mario's (the most well known night owl place in the region) not even The Diner...just to name a few of the 37 missing here...


I like quick pita in Gtown. I miss cheese steak factory anyone know what happened.


Z Burger is another cool spot in the District. It is casual with a good selection of food and milkshakes. The one in Tenlytown is real cool, the servers are nice.

Anne @ Pink Galoshes

Awesome and comprehensive list. Thanks for posting!


I'd recommend taking Eamonn's off this list. They claim to be open "late night" but generally close at least an hour before the posted close time. Tasty food but definitely not late night eats.


hey that was an awesomeeee list, and i've heard bistro francais is a great place to go late at night, so i'll have to hit up sometime


Freddie's in Crystal City. Open til 1am with karoake, drag queens, and great wings.


Freddie's in Crystal City. Open til 1am with karoake, drag queens, and great wings.


Freddie's in Crystal City. Open til 1am with karoake, drag queens, and great wings.


Freddie's in Crystal City. Open til 1am with karoake, drag queens, and great wings.


i also like Marios's for a late night (like 4am) cheesburger sub and pizza that make my trainer cry..oh wait..no he makes ME cry the next day...

3322 wilson


Has anyone tried Yechon Korean in Annandale? It's open 24 hours.


As a stoner, this post is perfecto!

As a personal trainer, I can't endorse late night snacking....unless you exercise late night

server at ebbitt

just a head's up... our oyster happy hour is M-Th 3-6 PM and again from 11PM-1AM, excluding holidays


FYI, Julia's Vermont Ave. location closed a couple months ago.

Eat. Drink. DC.

The Childe Harold closing? That's crazy - it's the one place I could count on to never change. I guess I'll have to head over soon before it's too late. Thanks for the heads-up Matt.
Edited to add: I just saw an ad in the City Paper - the Childe Harold is apparently hiring servers. hmmmm. Quite a mystery on our hands....


The Childe Harold apparently is closing, or at least vacating its current location:



You forgot the most important one, though it is not infrequently closed for health reasons: Steak & Egg. It's at 4700 Wisconsin Avenue NW and is a true gem.


It's a little out of the way, but you included other suburban locations -- so I dutifully submit: Bob's 88 Shabu Shabu in Rockville. It's cheap and the food is great. Plus they have a full bar, so you could just start and end there if you wanted.

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